Monday, September 12, 2011

Organizing Your Perfumes and Lotions into Your Own Store

I always fall for that sneaky trap.  I know I have a large variety and quantity of beauty products at home.  I have enough to pamper myself for quite a long time.  However, until recently, none of the products were organized, which resulted in my additional purchases from that store we all know as Bath & Body Works

Although I enjoy using the store's 20% off coupons on the entire purchase, which truly makes you feel accomplished with the buy three get three free deal, my stock at home soon looked like an actual store that was unorganized in piles.  Something had to be done to curb my indulgence.

I decided to take the two long shelves I have from Ikea , which unfortunately, are no longer available there, and stock my lotions/perfumes.  The result:  I have a mini-store in my room to ensure I understand what I already have versus anything I need to purchase.  Check it out:

Now, I have no excuse.  If I spend money in Bath and Body Works, it's just really my own fault.  I did receive a coupon the last time I bought a candle there. lol  Good luck on creating your mini-store!

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